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YES, currently we buy limited phone’s model, if your phone is blacklisted Bad IMEL We can buy it.

Yes – we’re real and ready to buy your device! And we start payment process once we accepted your phone through the whatsappWhatsApp 

Our process is designed to be as simple as possible for our users.

  • Fill in the form and send it to us with some photo of your phone as requested, to get a quote.
  • Once you accepted our fair offer, you’ll receive a contract link from       (one of the legit way to buy online goods),  accept your fund which is we paid in advance to you on hold in
  • Lastly, mail your device to us and after we checked shortly the condition, your transaction to be released.
    And if you prefer PAYPAL we can also provide that.

It’s that easy! We’ll email you once your transaction has been concluded and payment has been made, or if there are any issues with your transaction. If there is an issue with your transaction we’ll offer you a revised quote which you can either accept or reject. If you reject our offer, we’ll mail your device back to you for free.

We offer “Paypal”, “”

Certainly! Before sending your device to us, it is essential to follow a few important steps to ensure the security of your personal information. Please remove the SIM card from your device, perform a factory reset to erase all data, and make sure to disable iCloud and the “Find My Phone” feature. By taking these precautions, you can protect your privacy and ensure a smooth transaction process.

Please ensure that you ship your phone using a secure and trackable method, such as Royal Mail or a similar reputable carrier. We recommend choosing a shipping option that includes signed-for confirmation and insurance for added protection.

If the information you provided about the phone is accurate, the chances of rejection are minimal. However, in the rare event that your phone is rejected, we will promptly return it to you using a secure and reliable postal service. We will also request a refund from third payment provider. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we strive to ensure a smooth and transparent process for all our customers.

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